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Anyone stumbling on this site is welcome to have a look around - but its primary purpose is as a source of information and news for family and friends.  That's why some parts are restricted and you need to 'log in' to view them.  The Contact Us link in the top menu, for example, remains hidden 'til you log in. 


I'm very much afraid that we are so out of date with 'What's New' that nothing is - so I've temporarily suspended that page.


So - to friends and family - if you log in, you'll see some extra items in the top menu not available publicly.


I'm trying to update the 'Roof' article, as well as adding some of the other jobs that have been done around the place.  The quickest way to do this has been to set up some slideshows, to which I'll be adding comment later.  Hopefully!


And the 'Recipe' section has grown - and is growing.  Much tastiness to be found there!


The Original
Our 'brown' kitchen when we arrived - brown units, brown tiles, brown floor, brown beams, brown wallpaper - yes, you're getting the picture! Brown!!
Hood Gone
That went pretty quickly - and what a difference. More light - and we could see - and talk to - people sitting at the kitchen table
Worktops gone
Nevet, ever have a tiled worksurface! The joins fill with grease and grime - it's a nightmare to clean.
Sink into the window
Moving the sink to under the window gives us a decent view for the washing up! As well as making use of lost space.
Cleared corner
Clearing the way to run the plumbing.
New tops, new tiles.
Blue tiles, light melamine worktops.
Tiling finished around the sink.
Breakfast bar.