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Anyone stumbling on this site is welcome to have a look around - but its primary purpose is as a source of information and news for family and friends.  That's why some parts are restricted and you need to 'log in' to view them.  The Contact Us link in the top menu, for example, remains hidden 'til you log in. 


With the onset of the coronavirus and the international 'lock downs' I have started a daily blog from my solitary confinement here in the wilds of Normandy. 


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The roof article has languished for a long while now - but things are moving.  I HAVE managed to finish a slideshow about the caravan repair - under Renovations and DIY, which is also availabl on YouTube.  The roof renewal is due a similar treatment.


The 'Recipe' section has grown - and is growing.  Much tastiness to be found there!


Caravan Repair

We had a shock last summer when we brought the caravan down to the house, to get it ready for going away.  We knew there was some damp in the front panels - but weren't really prepared to have the curtains and blinds falling off when they were touched!  We obviously couldn't go anywhere - the windows would have blown in.

What to do.  Google of course.  I started turning up lots of similar stories - this is a known fault on all Bailey caravans pre 2008 - well, only if you know of course!  The depressing thing was the quoted repair costs.  They all started around £3,500 if memory serves.

I then stumbled across a video on YouTube, from a guy called Rob Shearer who had suffered the same exact problem.  There's a link to his video below, but essentially it shows how he set about repairing his caravan himself.  What a find!  Without his video I would have been all at sea.  So, in the same spirit, I have put together a slideshow of the work we did in the hope it helps somebody else.

The video tells all.



Rob Shearer's video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia_g1mh5P24

Seals+Direct really know their stuff and were very helpful over the 'phone.

Window seals from Seals+Direct Ltd - https://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/seals-products.asp?intDepartmentId=8

Wallboard available from O'Leary Motorhomes - https://www.olearymotorhomes.co.uk/