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With the onset of the coronavirus and the international 'lock downs' I have started a daily blog from my solitary confinement here in the wilds of Normandy. 


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The roof article has languished for a long while now - but things are moving.  I HAVE managed to finish a slideshow about the caravan repair - under Renovations and DIY, which is also availabl on YouTube.  The roof renewal is due a similar treatment.


The 'Recipe' section has grown - and is growing.  Much tastiness to be found there!


Dr Malcolm Kendrick



KendrickMalcolm Kendrick is a GP in Cheshire, of Scottish extraction (this is relevant) who has been researching and writing about heart disease and its causes, treatments, myths and facts ever since he wondered why Scotland had the worst heart attack statistics in Europe (hence the national interest).

He is an eminently sensible man, highly capable at cutting through nonsense and concentrating on the facts - such as are obtainable.  I had a bit of fun the other day amplifying the 'Official Government Regulations' relating to coronavirus.  The sad fact is that an awful lot of what I was poking fun at - is the awful reality of the incompetence behind the UK's tactics in dealing with this virus.

Dr Kendrick takes a far better informed view than mine - clicking on his photo will take you his latest thoughts on the virus, the Government's actions - and the likely consequences.  It is not comfortable reading.

I have been following his investigations into heart disease, its treatment and causes, the drugs we are told to take, their effects or otherwise with, naturally, a heightened degree of self-interest following my heart attack and CABG (coronary artery by-pass graft) in April 2015.

It is true to say he has been a perpetual thorn in the side of 'established views' ever since he started asking informed and intelligent questions.  Mainly because he could find few persuasive, accurate, statistically validated answers.  On such people does change rely.

Professional reputations have been shredded by those daring to question the accepted facts.  John Yudkin was one for daring to suggest in his book 'Pure, White and Deadly' that sugar was a far greater danger to our health than saturated fats (you can read more here).  That fats are injurious to our health is such an established tenet of the medical profession that for any qualified and experienced medical practitioner to counter or question it - in any way - can, and has, led to such savage and persistent attacks on their professional integrity that few dare to raise their heads above the parapet. 

Such is the power and reach of the vested interests behind our everyday good health.


All truth passes through three stages: -

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.


Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)


Robert Lustig



If you are interested in learning a little more about sugar, have a look at this University of California recording of a lecture Professor Robert Lustig gave in 2009.  It does run to about 90 mins and does deal with our bodily biochemistry - how our body deals with sugars.  It went viral and the interest it provoked led to the rediscovery of John Yudkin's work and the re-establishment of his reputation.