Not a definitive list - but definitely some of our favourites!


We'll add new ones, as and when, and wherever possible we've acknowledged the source and/or whoever recommended it. 


To be frank, it's very handy to refer to the rrecipes on the dreaded smartphone, when you are in the kitchen, cooking.



Nothing can be finer than a jug of Pimm's on a summer afternoon.  Or can it?  I remember a spectacular homemade alternative served to us in Dorset by our neighbour Gus Mainwaring-Burton.  Sadly I had long forgotten the recipe, so took to Google to investigate.


In sampling and testing the various recipes, we both decided that one (the simplest) came out ahead of all the rest - even the original Pimm's, which turns out to be pretty sickly sweet when blind tasted against other mixtures.


Anyway - here's the formula.  And all these ingredients were sourced at Lidl's - no expense spared!


1  Red vermouth

1  Gin

1  Orange liquour (Cointreau if you're feeling flush, but a triple sec is less sweet)


That's the basic mixture - add fruit, lemonade and ice to taste!